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On-Site Machining (OSM)

The on-site machining is our core service. Machining parts on site in the customer´s plant saves time, money and resources for disassembly and remounting, transportation. Most important is reduces downtimes to a minimum. You may even face the challenge that parts such as machines, tubes or housings cannot be dismantled for stationary machining.

Our on-site machining services include the following applications:

  • Flange facing
  • Mobile milling (circular and linear)
  • Mobile turning
  • Mobile grinding
  • Line boring
  • Drilling and tapping
  • Thread cutting and repairs

Be it as trouble-shooter for urgent repairs or as solution provider for planned overhauls – our experienced staff and state of the art special machines make BSA Engineering a reliable partner for minimum downtimes and innovative OSM-solutions.

Please contact us for further information or to send us your request.

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